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May 23 : Yes, Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit has today officially turned into an inspirational and melodious singer. Her debut single has been thoughtfully named Candle and she has dedicated this venture to the medical teams around the world. The song highlights the stress and dedication that the medical staff, doctors, nurses, and the entire support system is taking to help survive and pass through the black death cloud called COVID – 19.

The song had been released at 12 pm, today on May 23, 2020, via Instagram and Facebook. Since this is a first of a kind from her side, she mentioned that was excited and also nervous about this idea. The name Candle meant a lot to her, and given the situation at present – she wanted to spread some positive vibes within the minds of her fans. Since she has been married into a doctor’s family, we can only give silent applause for her congratulating the medical world for the work they are doing at the moment.

Her small post carried a noteworthy message, ‘Candle, Happy, excited & a little nervous! Here's my first ever song, out for all of you to enjoy. #Candle out now exclusively on Facebook and Instagram. Hope you love it as much as we enjoyed creating it!’. To this was attached the song that she had sung. For a first-timer, this was too good to believe. The lyrics were simple, the chorus was melodious and most importantly, this was something people could sing along with.

In the song Candle, Madhuri could be seen wearing an elegant black dress, giving her dressed up look, but in a very appropriate manner. Her deep, sexy voice churned in feelings of love, warmth, and inspiration to keep living with happiness and positive spirits.

If you notice the lyrics, it was all about being compared to a simple candle, which would keep burning to shed light on the space around it. If each of us, become a candle, we could help the community and society get up and grow back stronger together. So, be an example, show an example and let everything survive peacefully through the COVID ordeal.

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