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Aries: Whenever three or more planets move together, then life will be very stressful. Until this week, there were three planets moving together, but the good news is that Mercury will be coming out from the group during this week. During the mid of this week, Mercury will be jumping into the sign of Cancer. So, you will still have a lot of short projects and you will need a lot of patience to work on that. Since Venus is retrograding, you will have to spend a lot of time on corrections as well. See More

Taurus: Your finances are the main concern these days. Multiple planets were triggering it until this week, and during this week, Mercury will leave this multi-planetary conjunction. That will be a relief for you, but you should not take any risk with your finances. Venus is retrograding in the house for finances and that will bring challenges, but you will cop up with that. Try to avoid instant money-making plans, otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble. See More

Gemini: You were not actually identifying the possibilities as few planets were compressing your thoughts. During this week, the planet for intellect, Mercury will come out of the conjunction and that will make things easier, but there will not be complete ease. You will have to keep up your pace with Venus as this planet is in a negative mode. That will bring concerns regarding your personal life and relationships. See More

Cancer: Multiple planets were crushing you until last week and you were not balanced. During this week, Mercury will come out of that multi-planetary conjunction and that will bring a lot of relief. However, Venus is still retrograding and that is still showing you the challenges. You will have to be very careful with every pie you spend. Venus indicates money and luxury and when it retrogrades, you will have to really struggle. See More

Leo: The transit of Mars through the sixth house of work is actually a good thing. It will give you a lot of resistance, but this Mars also indicate challenges. You will have a lot to overcome and it can be anything related to work. There will be work pressure or some dissatisfaction related to work can come up. So, you should be very careful and don’t take any risk at work. You should keep a balance with your colleagues. See More

Virgo: Every Virgo, Sun Moon, and the Rising sign will have one major concern. That will be a career and your responsibilities. Multiple planets were challenging you in a very regressive way until this week, but from this week onwards, you will be feeling a little more hopeful regarding your career. Mercury will leave the stressful conjunction and that will loosen the knot which was very stressful. See More

Libra: The Librans, Sun Moon, or rising will have a lot of focus on their workplace. Mars is moving through the sixth house of challenges, liabilities, work, and health. You will have to be like a warrior to deal with all these issues. This is a challenging time regarding your work as the projects are very tough. You should not take any of your responsibilities lightly as they can act as a boomerang in the near future. See More

Scorpio: Your financial matters are gaining a lot of challenges day by day. During this week also you have to go through the same issues, but in a relaxed mode than the last week. Multiple planets were compressing your finances and during this week, this compression will be less. So, you will make a better plan for your finances. Since the indicator for finances, Venus is still in a slowdown mode, so, you should be careless. See More

Sagittarius: There is a lot of pressure on you as your whole life is activated during these days. Venus, the ruler of the work and hopes is in retrogression. That will not be an easy thing to handle. You have to really work hard to complete your projects and you can expect corrections as well. There will be complex communications with your colleagues as well. There will some health issues and it can be mainly connected to your lower abdomen. See More

Capricorn: Mercury will be moving into the sign of Cancer and that will trigger your personal and professional relationships. This is a challenging time for that as Mercury will be going into a slowdown mode from the next month onwards. Moreover, Venus, the indicator of relationships, is already in a slowdown mode. So, you have to think a lot about your legal agreements, love, and marriage. See More

Aquarius: Mercury will move into the water sign of Cancer and that indicates a lot of work. The sign of Cancer is not an ideal place for Mercury, so you can obviously feel the pressure regarding your work. Your own ventures will be very complicated and you should avoid all the risky ventures. Mercury will start its negative mode from the month of June onwards and that can definitely bring some issues. There will be team discussions with your colleagues and there are chances for arguments too. See More

Pisces: There are concerns regarding the family as Venus is in a retrogression mode. It will end this mode only by June. Until then, you should not take up any risk regarding your family matters. The Sun is also influencing your family and the combination of Venus and the Sun is not good. You may have to solve some issues at home. There will be an unpleasant feeling regarding the family, but this is the part of the transit and you are destined to go through this at this point in time. See More

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