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May 27 : Shruti Haasan is a foodie and we love the way, she comes up with exciting ways to keep her fans happy, healthy, and entertained! Watching people make comfort food brings in so much peace to all our minds. All of us may be craving for some sort of delicious, lip-smacking dish or sweet during the lockdown period. We all need to try our hand at easy to make recipes, which use fresh and readily available ingredients during this lockdown period. This time, we have collected out some of Shruti’s delicious recipes that can be made in minutes, and plus, these are so healthy! Move on, see the videos below, try them, and see how good they taste!

In most of the recipes, you would be able to see her South Indian instincts popping up all the time. For those who have not tried some classic recipes of the South, her mango curry recipe is a must-try. If you have one mango, your lunch would be a platter of lip-smacking goodness today. In each recipe, she shows all the ingredients and also a quick video of how she made it. She named this the ‘Easiest Mango Pappu’ that she loved so much. Pappu in the Tamil language meant a curry that could be eaten with rice. She kept the spice level mild, and so this could be tried out by young and old people alike.

The next one was a Saucy chicken recipe that she had made and enjoyed with a bowl of hot rice. It was super healthy, as she added mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and onions for this dish. The video looked pretty easy and could be tried out by first-time cooks too. The 7aum Arivu the actress mentioned in her post that this was a super easy stir fry.

Another chicken recipe that the Tevar actress confessed was her personal favorite was fried chicken, with rice, peas, and creamy spinach. This one platter if you see is so balanced and includes all the proteins and vegetables that she needs for the day. If your nearby grocery, does have fresh spinach, this could be a must-try as it was chock full of iron and other vitamins.

After the savory dishes, we loved to check out her sweet dishes too. This one is a great recipe that she had made to satisfy her sweet cravings. The Puli actress made a melt in the mouth cafe choco mousse. It needed only a few basic ingredients and used Stevia for sweetness. But she also suggested that regular sugar can be added.

The last one in this recipe corner from Shruti Haasan is this crunchy peanut butter chocolate fudge. She suggested that even coconut oil can be used instead of butter for the recipe. This lockdown, you can stay healthy; enjoy good food without depending on the cafes and restaurants.

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