Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image Source: IANS News

May 29 : Facing competition in the market, smartphone makers look for new features and technologies to notch up their products. To make screens bigger and better, brands are vying with each other with foldable smartphones. After several hurdles, they have started venturing into the market since late 2019. With the trend catching up, here are 10 foldable smartphones to look out for.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Image Source: IANS

Galaxy Fold.

This device has been doing well in India since its launch in October 2019. With 7.3-inch QXGA+ dynamic AMOLED display that folds in half, it has a 4.58-inch screen on the surface. The phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC with 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and six cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

After the success of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung has been working on its successor Galaxy Fold 2. Rumoured to be launched later this year, Fold 2 will come with some additional features. It may have an external display, better water and dust protection, and a triple camera module.

Xiaomi foldable phone

Xiaomi has also jumped into the folding smartphones trend, and has patented its design for an inward bending model. The patent talks about a foldable smartphone with a quad-camera system. It rotates forward for selfies and backward for regular photos.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Image Source: IANS

Microsoft Surface Duo foldable device to take on Galaxy Fold

Microsoft wants to crack the smartphone market with a dual-screen phone that opens and closes like a book with the help of a 360° hinge. Expected to be launched this year, the device will feature a SnapDragon 855, 6 GB RAM, and 256 GB of storage.

Motorola Razr

Image Source: IANS News

Motorola Razr foldable phone

This smartphone, which was launched in India last year, sports a 6.2-inch foldable POLED primary display and a 2.7-inch GOLED secondary display. Powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, the phone is all set to get its successor this year.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Image Source: IANS

Samsung unveils its second foldable phone

Launched in February this year, Z Flip comes with a retro-looking flexible display and flaunts a clamshell design. With a 1.1-inch AMOLED-based cover display, this tiny device will get its successor Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 with a triple-camera module.

Huawei Mate X

Image Source: IANS News

Premium smartphone maker Huawei on Wednesday said it would launch its foldable 5G smartphone -- Mate X in India this year.

Huawei Mate X has a book-like folding design and on unfurling looks like a small tablet. While its flexible screen is on the outside, the device comes with an 8-inch display, HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor, and a triple camera setup.

Royole FlexPai

Royole FlexPai, which was launched last year, is all set to get its successor FlexPai 2. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, and features Cicada Wing flexible display. Its display panel has a bend radius of 1mm.

TCL Zigzag

Expected to launch this year, TCL folding smartphone will come with dual hinge. The device folds in three parts in a zigzag fashion. The device will come with a quad-camera setup.

Bendable iPhone

Apple has filed several patents for foldable technology, and one has already been granted in February. Its images look like a bendable smartphone, which folds in half.

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