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Aries: The week will start with a penumbral lunar eclipse and that is going to be in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This move will be pushing you to have a lot of conversations with people from foreign lands. You will be naturally optimistic about every situation of your life, but you should not forget to be practical. See More

Taurus: This is a very critical month for your finances as the lunar eclipse is going to trigger your eighth house. This is the time for transformations and you will be going through physical as well as psychological changes. The Moon indicates emotions and that will make you very emotional. You were holding a lot of emotions for the past few days and this is the week to let it go. If it suppresses you a lot, then you should not hesitate to share it with your elders. See More

Gemini: Dear Gemini, this is the time to evaluate your relationships. You should also consider your role in that than your partner. Let it be a business partner or life partner. The penumbral lunar eclipse is not going to be very stable about the relationships. It will surely bring some emotions regarding all the relationships where you play a major role. Since Moon rules your values, you will think about how much you valued your relationships or how your relationships helped you to increase your value. See More

Cancer: The penumbral lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius will surely make you optimistic. At the same time, you should be very much realistic about what happens around you. This lunar eclipse will hit your house of health and work. It rises for a purpose and you will see the changes at work. Work-related concerns will be projected and that may make you feel like taking some decisions. Please don’t be in a haste to take the final decision to quit your job. See More

Leo: Leo itself is a sign of happiness, creativity, and entertainment. When the Moon moves through your fifth house of arts, entertainment, and children, you will look for more of these things. Since the lunar eclipse indicates endings, you will try to end some of the creative projects which you were doing until now. You were working on some projects for the last few weeks and you will be completing them. See More

Virgo: The penumbral lunar eclipse is going to sail through the fiery sign of Sagittarius. When the watery energy moves through the fire zone, you will naturally feel the intensity. This will make you more focused on your family matters. All the Virgo rising, the Sun and Moon will start thinking more about their home, family, and their personal life. There will be a lot of events related to your home and family. See More

Libra: This is a week dedicated to your siblings and relatives as the penumbral lunar eclipse is going to trigger the third house of siblings and communications. Your siblings will be more demanding and you have to spend a lot of time and energy on them. That can be a little tiring, but this is the need of the time and you need to go with the flow. The lunar eclipse indicates endings, so you will complete some of the efforts for your siblings. See More

Scorpio: Some major changes are going to come up in your finances in the coming days. The penumbral lunar eclipse during the first week of this month will be the beginning of such a move. The lunar eclipse indicates completions and endings in a negative note. You will complete a project related to your finances. It can be something related to your savings and resources. This planetary event will make you splurge, but you need to control it. See More

Sagittarius: This week as important for you as the powerful lunar eclipse is going to trigger your personal life and aspirations. This is the time to evaluate you and learn from past flaws. The moon is watery energy and it is moving through the fire sign, so you feel like being in a combust mode. There will be confusion regarding your personal life. You can become very self-obsessive and that can be a problem for others. See More

Capricorn: The penumbral lunar eclipse does have a purpose for all the signs, and for you Capricorn, it is purely spiritual. The universe is asking you to take a break from your busy schedule and align your energies with the divinity. You are not supposed to jump into the materialistic pleasures during this phase. Your subconscious mind is very active and that is not going to make your plight easy. You will be repeatedly thinking about your past life. See More

Aquarius: ou are an air sign and that makes you very good at socializing. This nature has given you a wide network of friends and teammates. However, the penumbral lunar eclipse is not going to be easy for you especially while dealing with your team settings. This eclipse indicates completions and endings. So, there will be some issues with your long term business as well as personal relationships. During this eclipse day, you will spend time with your friends solving an issue. See More

Pisces: The penumbral lunar eclipse on the fifth will impact your career sector. This Moon can make you an attention seeker. The lunar eclipse always brings some completion and endings in the career. It can be related to some projects as well. Your demand can increase on various levels. This is a very important time for those who work in the medical and customer care domain. Try to promote yourself for the good things, otherwise, that can hit you back. You should not feel shame to share what your achievements are. See More

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