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May 31 : We are in an era where novel viruses seem to be invading our lives, our peace of mind, and our freedom on a continual basis. As today, May 31, 2020, is World No Tobacco Day 2020, alongside with studying all about COVID - 19; we need to say NO to Tobacco. Today, in the UK, lung cancer tops one of the reasons for cancer deaths in the UK. This, according to medical experts, is primarily due to smoking tobacco. So, it is a wise idea to say a firm No to Tobacco.

We need to understand that a change in our daily habits or rather daily vices could save us from the world of death. According to research that was conducted this year, by Cancer Research in the UK, it was revealed that when a person quits smoking – this would automatically reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. Medical researchers have found that those who have stopped smoking will also have the innate ability to produce healthy lung cells. This has proven to have a lesser risk of falling prey to cancer. So, this is why the researchers’ advice that it is never too late to quit smoking. Thus, a person who quits late can still have hope that new cells will be formed, thereby protecting them from cancer.

Research Findings on what happens when one quits the use of tobacco

The study detected that when a person quits smoking, this action will benefit the person more than just reducing the damage level of the lungs.

Researchers strongly believe that the new lung cells that form (after one quits smoking) will work constantly to strengthen the muscle airways of the human body airways.

The next reasoning is that, when the number of healthy cells outnumbers the damaged cells within the body, this will consequently make the body healthy. This will create a large army of healthy cells that are capable to protect the body against lung cancer.

Next, the last and most positive reason that could be highlighted on this page is that if smoking is put to a stop at any age, this will surely usher in the benefits too. Their research revealed that even heavy smokers who stopped smoking – will be able to recover.

The study had included people above 40 years, who used to smoke more than 15000 packs of cigarettes. But they had stopped, the experiments revealed that in a span of few years, the lining of their airways showed no damage from tobacco. This was because healthy cells have formed with this time period and strengthened the lining walls.

The study revealed that ex-smokers had developed four times healthier lung cells compared to their smoking counterparts. So, this proves that there is still hope!

Wrapping Up

The study also revealed that if the tobacco smoking has caused deeper damage to the lungs, which is called as chronic lung disease, then the damage can be reversed, even if the person has stopped smoking. But for the rest of the people, this would mean better health.

The research sums up that by stopping smoking at any age, it reduces the risk of lung cancer and also reduces any further damage to the whole human body system.

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