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June 03 : Bollywood actor Karthik Aaryan has always been known for his love for fellow humans and other beings. He is one of the few actors who constantly has been using his social media handles to make people alert about COVID – 19, social distancing, and also all the benefits of lockdown. Today, he is out on another mission and that is concerning the tension and danger that is building around Cyclone Nisarga. His Instagram post was a detailed summary of the Do’s and all the Dont’s that people have to follow while the cyclone hits the city. He also mentioned the emergency numbers that can be used to alert the officials in case of any mishap in any locality. The actor went on to encourage people to read only the guidelines that have been issued by BMC and not to get tensed with the rumors that were buzzing around the society.

The post detailed out that people should not stand outside, or near windows. All important documents should be sealed in plastic bags. Netizens should take care that their gadgets and smartphones are all charged to survive through this natural disaster. Also, an emergency kit with medicines and other essential equipment should be kept ready.

The actor also shared a list of safe places where people can take shelter or hide once the strong winds hit their homes. For this, people can either hide under strong furniture and always stay in the center of the room. Also, people should cover their heads and ears with their hands and stay in a secure place. Among the dont’s, it was mentioned to keep old people and injures safe and away from damaged buildings. People should not try to drive and get outside during the cyclone. This is not the first time he has been advising people. Being from a family that gives a lot of value for health and life, he used to constantly hold talks with COVID- survivors, and front line staff to make people aware of the situation.

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