'Why Cheat India' actress Nanda Yadav to star in video series.. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 4 : Actress Nanda Yadav, best known for starring in "Why Cheat India", will be seen next in a video series titled "Wo Bindi Wali".

"It's a beautiful series of stories. We have in a way forgotten the art of telling stories. I will be telling stories from different writers. I will read out the stories," she said.

"It will be out soon. I am officially launching my YouTube channel with these short stories which will be about 5 minutes each. It's a beautiful sequence of stories and it will help us to go back to the beautiful stories of our lives and relive some great memories," she added.

The trailer is already out.

Meanwhile, Nanda talks has learnt how to make pickles at home during the lockdown. She is also spending time connecting with old friends.

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