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June 05 : With the upsurge of COVID – 19 cases and its subsequent deaths, researchers have felt the need for deeper insight into the subject. A group of researchers from John Hopkins Medicine has reported that Artificial Intelligence can be used to expand the concept of chest X-Ray imaging. This, according to them, will help in diagnosing and assessing the depth of the coronavirus infection within a human body. At present, the tests conducted only reveal whether the dreaded virus has affected the patient’s lungs or not. This concept of AI will take the diagnosis a step higher, thereby enabling the doctors to give more customized treatment and saving more lives.

Research Facts showing the connection between AI and COVID – 19

At present, chest imaging using the Computed Tornography or the CT method is not commonly used to track out the extensive damage that COVID could have done to the patient’s lungs.

Once the CT method is used, researchers feel that AI can be used to generate various models and solutions that could detect, control the spread, and also cure the pandemic.

With AI, large volumes of information can be fused together to have a deeper assessment of epidemiological, molecular, imaging, and clinical data.

With the help of AI, researchers can categorize patients depending on the severity of the infection. This can also help doctors modify the type of treatment and course of medicine that ought to be given to the patient.

AI enables more effective monitoring of the progress of the treatment, thereby giving the medical world – a clear picture of the cure rate.

Last, since AI gathers a lot of information, it helps to analyze how the COVID virus has changed over time, and in turn, a large of customized therapies could be created and deployed in a shorter span of time.

To conclude

If Artificial Intelligence is used in the medical research world, it could take medical analysis in a more systematic manner. This will help treat patients for various deadly and unknown diseases in the future.

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