Italy lifts national, European travel ban as pandemic slows down. Image Source: IANS News

Brussels, June 5 : Countries across Europe are keen to reopen their borders in time for the summer tourist season, but while some states are working together it has not yet been organised across the EU, it was reported on Friday.

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said states should reopen internal borders by end of June, the BBC reported Johansson, who made the comments before a meeting of national ministers on Friday, added that she wanted all EU states to agree a date for the end of June.

Italy, one of the hardest hit European country, opened its borders on Wednesday.

Austria lifted its border restrictions on Wednesday night to all its neighbours bar Italy.

Spain plans to reopen its borders on July 1 only to neighbours France and Portugal.

It is not yet ready to open up to other countries.

Belgium is one of the EU states expected to open its borders on June 15.

France is also hoping that tourists will return and is pushing a plan to lift all the borders in the Schengen passport-free zone on July 1.

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