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Mumbai, June 5 : Rapper Divine says making music during lockdown has been a welcome distraction amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He has come out with an album titled "SHUTDOWN".

"With life as we know it being virtually upended by COVID-19, it's safe to say that we'll continue needing things to constructively pass the time during this indeterminate quarantine period. The album is an attempt to present hip hop as one of the realist genres, capable of showcasing stark reality for what it is, but yet having an innate ability to heal and keep listeners motivated and positive," Divine said.

"Making music during lockdown has been a welcome distraction from everything that's going on all around us just now. We at Gully Gang wanted to offer something special to our fans to help them through these dire times and viewed this lockdown not as a limitation, but as an opportunity to present our artistry in the most authentic manner," he added.

The rapper asserted that the lockdown has been a big challenge, but "we have managed to turn it around to make it work for us".

"Music and other forms of art can be really important to people, documenting certain times or occasions in our lives and this album will hold special memory in everyone's lives as the lockdown ends," he added.

Divine's Gully Gang has collaborated with Mass Appeal India to curate the emotionally driven hip hop and rap compilation album titled "SHUTDOWN". The album is inspired by the stay-at-home circumstances amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album features numerous collaborations through an eight-track song listing. The music has been made in collaboration with artists such as US based rapper Elvis Brown, Shah Rule, Saifan, Sammohit and Sledge, KR$NA, Sikander Kahlon, Kaka Sady & 7Bantaiz.

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