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Mumbai, June 7 : Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali has released a music video titled "Sacrifice", which he says is "a song for right now".

The track is a collaborative effort between Lucky and the Bengaluru-based hip-hop-reggae-dancehall crew Low Rhyderz.

Low Rhyderz met Lucky in 2010 which led the way to a jam, then a tour and later some music; "Sacrifice" is one of those tracks. It took three years for them to record the song and it just happened to come together for a video release now.

"All I have to say about the song is in the song itself. Watch the video, with understanding," said Lucky.

The video has shots of migrant workers walking miles to reach their home, and the difficulties faced by them during the ongoing lockdown.

"Working with Lucky Ali has made me a better human being. When I met lucky Ali, I was an ignorant boy. He turned me into a wise man. He enriched me as a musician and most importantly he taught me life lessons. He taught me how to live and how to treat people. He also taught me to show compassion and to be selfless. To this day I follow everything that Lucky has told me and working on a track with him is a humbling experience and something I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. I'm forever grateful," said Xstacy Sash from Low Rhyderz.

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