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June 09 : Ever since coronavirus seemed to control the human mortality rate, researchers are racing against time on a formula to bring it to a halt. So, that is when the researchers at the University of California – Santa Barbara has found that the use of light – Ultraviolet LEDs in particular, has the power to decontaminate everything that comes in contact with SARS CoV -2 viruses. This light is strong enough to stop the spread of coronavirus on water, air, and even on surfaces.

How do Ultraviolet LEDs work against COVID -19?

Studies show that UV light waves will help achieve 99% sterilization of the coronavirus within a short span of 30 seconds.

Researchers have explained that there are already types of UV rays: UV-A and UV-B. These are naturally produced on Earth and have other uses apart from disinfecting the surfaces. But a rare type is known as UV – C can be prepared by human-managed processes.

It has the capability of purifying the air and water and also making all harmful microbes inactive. But when this is used in its raw form, it has proven to be harmful to human skin. So, this would not be possible to sanitize the hands and other parts of the skin, especially the eye and face areas. So, this is why an advanced form of UV – C LED technology has to be formulated.

The UV – C light is generated from mercury vapor lamps and this requires a lot of technological advancement to help these lights reach its full potential. Research shows that high-quality lamps can be made by depositing a film of the semiconductor alloy aluminum gallium nitride on a substrate of silicon carbide.

Much earlier silicon substrate was used, but now silicon carbide is a more cost-effective material to be used. It will help to support the primary application of Ultraviolet LEDs which is the portable, fast-acting disinfection process for water.

Will Ultraviolet LEDs help to make the public places COVID – 19 free?

These durable and cost-effective Ultraviolet LEDs will prove to be a hopeful game changer for developing countries. In places where clean water is a rare sight, UV-C LED technology will help to sanitize water for retail, medical, personal, and public spaces in a proper manner. With such decontamination methods, people could live life and also not get infected by coronavirus in the near future.

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