New Delhi, Jan 5 : For those who dread surgical methods to enhance their beauty, non-surgical stem cell facelifts have come as good news.

Facelift surgery involves removing excess skin and fat and making tissues firmer. Stem cell facelift, in contrast, is a facial rejuvenation without surgery.

"Stem cell facelift is carried out under local anaesthesia and fat is harvested from the patient's body manually using a syringe, usually from the lower abdomen where there is a plentiful supply," Anup Dhir, senior cosmetic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, told IANS.

"The fat is then processed through a machine that cleans the cells, which the practitioner injects with the fat and stem cells around the muscles, into the soft skin tissues in the face," he added.

According to Mumbai-based cosmetic surgeon Meenakshi Agarwal, a stem cell facelift will take away years from your face.

"Stem cells have the quality of developing new types of cells. When they are transplanted to the facial skin, the skin will naturally be younger-looking because it is renewing at a much faster rate," she explained.

Agarwal claimed the procedure has no side effects. "There is no risk of damaging facial nerves, arteries or veins. It causes no allergies as it uses your own donated fat and recovery time is also less.

"This method is not only for face. One can rejuvenate bony or aged hands as well."

Dhir said the procedure is getting popular in India and people aged 35 years and above can opt for it.

One has to shell out Rs.50,000-65,000 for the procedure, which should be carried out by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

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