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June 27 : Amid anti-China sentiments in the country with India-China border dispute, the Indian alternative to Chinese TikTok app is doing overwhelming well. It has crossed 1 crore downloads on Google Play store within a short period of two months of its launch.

Mitron, which was in the eye of controversy regarding its originality, has favourable reviews with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Earlier, the app's source code was in controversy as it was alleged to have been purchased from a Pakistani developer and that Mitron co-founders Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal have tried to downplay the origins of the app's source code.

Announcing the 1 crore downloads mark in a press statement, Mitron CEO Shivank Agarwal said that they are working with the users to create a more India-centric product that works well for the users. “There is a strong sentiment of #VocalForLocal. We are proudly building Mitron to re-imagine digital engagement and entertainment, while being sensitive to the users in our market and being compliant with our local laws,” the statement read.

The two months’ journey was not very smooth for the desi rival of TikTok. Recently, it was taken out of Google Play Store due to violation of Google privacy policies. After Mitron developers fixed the issues as per Google policies, the app was back again. Before the app was pulled out, Mitron had crossed 50 lakh downloads. According to Google, the short video platform had violated its “Spam and Minimum Functionality” policy, and was pulled out on June 2.

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