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New Delhi, July 4 : Ianslife caught up with Calligrapher and Lettering expert, Sanjana Chatlani, who joins the panel of experts on 'At Home With Airbnb', an initiative by the travel portal which allows guests to visit the hosts personal spaces to learn their craft in small groups.

The online experiences bring together India's most popular celebrities, artists and influencers. Each experience has been curated keeping in mind the diverse and engaging ways in which guests can connect with people across cultures and hone their skills through the platform. The 'At Home With Airbnb' allow for personal connections and conversations.

Experiences include a yoga and wellness session with Sarvesh Shashi, a personal training session with Nam Wook, zero wastage cooking with Chef Sandeep Sreedharanm a mixology workshop with Pankaj Balachandran and the art of table settings with Devika Narain amongst others.

Chatlani, the founder of Bombay Lettering Company will be hosting a session on and The art of calligraphy with Sanjana Chatlani, for beginners.

Read excerps: With home sheltering people have had the luxury to explore new hobbies, why do you think calligraphy tops the list?
Chatlani: Imagine that you are able to write a beautiful letter to your loved ones that is meaningful, warm and personal - most importantly, it shows effort taken. Learning Calligraphy empowers you to bring your words to life, beautify your thoughts and express your emotion with ink on paper and beyond.

Calligraphy is an art form that proves to be therapeutic, meditative and very calming. I for one have seen a direct impact on the way I react and approach so many things in life. It requires patience, passion, dedication, consistent practice and attention to detail. I truly believe it's an incredible skill to develop, as it not only takes you to a calm meditative mind space but also trains your eye, mind and hand to appreciate and work towards achieving precision and details. It makes you be present and aware in the moment and truly demands that you slow down, enjoy the process and creative beautiful work. Something I feel we all can do with, in the hectic lives we live.

WFH has meant the boundaries between life and office have blurred, how has the experience been for you? Chatlani: I feel lucky enough to say that my passion is my profession. Hence, work never really feels like work! When I am practicing calligraphy, it feels like play time but it's also essential to constantly practice to enhance my own skills as an artist. Work from home has definitely made me create boundaries and ensure I am spending enough time working, relaxing, spending time with the family and exercising too.

What is the best age to start calligraphy and why is it a great hobby for young ones in lockdown? Chatlani: I have been teaching kids as young as 6 and 7 year olds with Brush pens, where we do a fun style called Brush Lettering. I've also been teaching children 'Faux Calligraphy' that is essentially creating the thin and thick strokes with a regular pen/pencil. For a more serious style and script of calligraphy with a nib and holder, I would recommend age 14 and up.

Through the lockdown I've been teaching many children via Zoom. The mothers are surprised to see how still and patiently their children sit while in Calligraphy class. They get completely absorbed into the artform and focus on their lines, strokes and letterforms.

Of course, as a teacher, it is my duty to make the class interactive, fun and engaging. So, we play soothing music in the background, ask questions and even play quizzes at the end of the class.

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