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Aries: This is another week where the Moon will be playing a major role. It will impact your career sector and you will have to work hard to bring perfection at work. The Moon always indicates sensitiveness at work, so, you have to be very careful as well as dutiful. See More

Taurus: This is a very special week for teachers and students as the lunar eclipse will impact the zeal to study and teach. Those who work as teachers and counselors will have a lot of activities. See More

Gemini: There will be nothing more important than finances this week. The lunar eclipse will trigger your expenses and the solar transit will trigger your earning capacity. See More

Cancer: Mars is moving through the sign of Aries and it is impacting your career. This transit will stimulate your ambitions and as a person ruled by the Moon, you may not feel all good about this Martian influence. See More

Leo: You are focusing a lot on your work as there are some struggles related to your work or workplace. The lunar eclipse during this week will highlight those issues. See More

Virgo: During this week, your primary concerns regarding your finances and partnerships. Mars is moving through the sign of Aries and that will bring a lot of sensitiveness in finances. There will be instability and you have to be very careful. See More

Libra: There is nothing important than your family and work. Your family life will be influenced by a lunar eclipse. This indicates completions at home. You were waiting for an event and that will get completed in the coming days. See More

Scorpio: The full moon will impact your short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This indicates completions in the all above-said matters. There will be a lot of work and you can get tired. See More

Sagittarius: The lunar eclipse will impact your finances and that will bring some complexities. This eclipse will be not in a very positive way, so you have to be very careful. So, you have to take care of your finances. See More

Capricorn: Martian transit will be huge and that will impact your home and family. You have certain plans for your home and construction. Discussions with family members can also come up and that will be a little complicated. See More

Aquarius: The lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn will trigger the sector for emotional self and hurdles during this week. The impact of an eclipse will last for six months to one year, so for the next few months, you should take care of your emotional health. See More

Pisces: Your creative energies will get highlighted during this week due to the powerful lunar eclipse. You need to complete some of your creative projects and that can be a little complex as well. Team ventures and discussions also will be a part of this phase. See More

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