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Aries Horoscope: On economic front, the day will be great. You will find help from a friend or a relative to get that important work done which was stuck due to financial constraint. The health of an elderly person might require attention. Healthy competition at work will encourage you to work to your full potential. House shifting is seen for some today. On the family front, you might have some arguments with your partner. Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

Taurus Horoscope: Inflow of money is likely to remain better than expectations. Indications of making an investment in property are on the card. Be careful not to neglect yourself when it comes to health matters. Your mastery would be appreciated at work place. Discussing your ultimate aims with an experienced person would be beneficial. This is the right time to develop trust on the family front. The day promises many exciting happenings but some of you might fail to benefit from them. Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: White

Gemini Horoscope: This is a bright day from the professional point of view. Developing new contacts would help you in career enhancement. Your strong financial health would encourage you to make a couple of lucrative investments. Today you would be enjoying the company of your family in the evening get together. When we talk about your health then your recently started fitness regime will bring positive result. Today some of might have to go out for a tour. Favourable time for purchasing property. Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Orange

Cancer Horoscope: Some of you can get lucky playing the stocks today. An ongoing project may divert you from urgent work-related issues on the professional front, so divide your time. Relief is foreseen for those suffering from prolonged sickness or a lifestyle disease. A family reunion is on the cards and will you will get a chance to be in touch with people you have not met for long. Those in two minds about making an investment in property must take a call now. Your help on the social front will be much appreciated. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Dark Green

Leo Horoscope: Earning money will not be a problem, but enhancing it can pose difficulties for those working on commission basis. You are likely to find yourself in a position of strength on the professional front. Your ideas on the professional front will be appreciated. In a family marriage of someone eligible may be seen soon. On health front something that had been troubling you on the health front may show signs of going away. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Violet

Virgo Horoscope: A careful planning with a right opportunity would enable you to realise your professional dreams. Time spent with family brings happiness. Inflow of money would be to your expectations. Avoid promising more than you can deliver, otherwise, it will put unnecessary pressure on health. Students may experience some mental distractions that are pulling you in separate directions. Look at this situation as a way to learn something about yourself and others. Understanding the viewpoints of your opposition will help you greatly.

Lucky Number: 8 Lucky Colour: Light Grey

Libra Horoscope: Your financial position will be tight but you will manage to meet the expanses by taking loan from some relatives or from financial institutions. You have to use modern techniques to enhance your profits in your profession. Your life partner may get sick and may incur huge expenses on sickness. You will enjoy some special time with the family today. Shifting to a better accommodation is seen for some of you. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Lemon

Scorpio Horoscope: On the financial front unexpected gains are in the offing. Your sincere efforts would bring professional success. There are chances that some misunderstandings with near ones in the family will get cleared. This would be in your interest to take them in confidence and sort out the differences. You will have good time with friends. Some celebration is seen in the family. You may take possession of a new property. Lucky Number: 14 Lucky Colour: Olive

Sagittarius Horoscope: You have to work very hard to get money inflow thick. You may receive some new opportunities related to your business. At office your friends and colleagues will extend their full co-operation to revive your old pending projects and will be completed on time. Your diet plan will bring you in shape. An excellent time to make others feel your positive presence. Academically New opportunities may be fully availed. Lucky Number: 8 Lucky Colour: Saffron

Capricorn Horoscope: A new job offer is likely to come your way now. This is especially true for people who work in the public sector. The day is not suitable for investments, so restrict yourself on putting your hard earned money. A number of temptations will be presented to you today. If you give in, it will be a waste of valuable energy. A family issue needs to be resolved at earliest. This is an excellent day to own a property. Students should understand the value of time and work hard accordingly. Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Orange

Aquarius Horoscope: Enjoy your day as you will be benefiting financially from your past investments. It is necessary to design your diet in such a way as to improve and boost your immunity power at the time a pandemic time. Do not get disappointed since your efforts have gone in vain and you need to re-work! You may wipe your differences with someone close to heart. It was pending for long but as you get face to face, you may want to let go the past. Lucky Number: 11 Lucky Colour: Baby Pink

Pisces Horoscope: Do not trust any complete stranger on money matters today as you are likely to bear loss. However, with enough carefulness can help you to protect your finances easily. It is better to rely on your own judgment and reasoning rather than listening to and being influenced by others. Achievements of a youngster in family will make you feel proud. You need to avoid having oily food to retain good health. Property from family inheritance is seen. Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

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