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New Delhi, July 9 : The National Rifles Association of India's (NRAI) said that its plans of proposing dates for a national camp to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi after reviewing the situation on July 15 remains on. SAI had announced earlier that the range will be open for athletes in the mix for the Tokyo Olympics from Wednesday.

"Our plan was that we will review the situation on July 15," NRAI Secretary Rajiv Bhatia told IANS. "We have called a meeting of the Executive Committee and on that date we will announce whether we will restart training or not. Now we know that the range is open and the facilities are available. SAI has told us that it is available." He said that for now, there is no friction with SAI on who is going to conduct the national camp considering the fact that NRAI is one of 57 National Sports Federations that have been derecognised following the Delhi High Court's rap on the Sports Ministry for not adhering to an order it had passed on February 7.

"The matter will come only when we say that we are ready for a camp on a certain date and they say that they don't accept our proposal. That has not happened yet," said Bhatia. "We will deal with SAI. We will send our proposal saying that we want to host a camp after the meeting on July 15." Bhatia however said that the current situation needs to be solved quickly as it is unrealistic to expect sports administration to be run smoothly if all NSFs remain derecognised.

"It is definitely a worry if we are not recognised nationally. The government can't do everything on its own, there are things that have to be done by the federations only. The government or court cannot run 54 or 60 federations. How is SAI or the court or the person who has filed the case going to deal with such a situation. Is he going to run all the federations on his own. It's not possible, it has to be done by the respective federations only," he said.

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