Tehran, Jan 12 (IANS) Iran's Foreign Ministry on Saturday condemned new US sanctions on some Iranian industrial companies and Iranian officials.. Image Source: IANS News

Tehran, July 11 : Iran's Foreign Ministry has warned that there will be consequences if it is proven that foreign elements were involved in the recent "blast" at the Natanz nuclear facility.

"Security bodies are investigating all the details of the incident (in Natanz), and it is still too early to talk about and make any judgment regarding the main cause and reason for the blast," Xinhua news agency quoted Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi as saying on Friday.

"If they conclude that foreign elements have been involved ... there will be consequences," said Mousavi.

He pointed to some media reports attributing the "explosion" to Israel, saying that such reports are aimed at "portraying Israel as powerful".

On July 2, Iran announced that the fire at the Natanz nuclear facility caused no damage to the establishment, but it affected one of the structures for storing stock items.

The next day, Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said that the country's experts had determined the main cause of "incident" and would announce it at an "appropriate time".

Natanz, located some 250 km south of Tehran, includes underground facilities buried under some 25 feet of concrete, which offers protection from airstrikes.

Natanz, a Fuel Enrichment Plant covering 100,000 square meters, is located in Isfahan province.

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