Bengaluru, Aug 13 : Dozens of youth protected a temple in Bengaluru at the same time when frenzied mobs were on the rampage in the vicinity, torching and destroying an MLA's home, two police stations and other buildings.

A video of the youth protecting the temple went viral around the same time the riots were happening on Tuesday night, after Pulikeshinagar Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy's nephew, Naveen, posted a derogatory message on social media.

In an effort to prevent any miscreant from attacking the temple, some quick thinking youth immediately formed a human chain and protected it.

The temple was identified as one dedicated to Lord Hanuman in DJ Halli, where a part of the local police station was burnt by the rioting mobs.

Reportedly, it was found that many of the youth who protected the temple were also from other religious communities.

However, a local police official and a senior official said they were not aware of this incident.

"I am not aware of this incident," a police off told IANS, when asked if they had found this video also during their analysis of cctv footage to identify the mobsters.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of people ran amok after Murthy's nephew Naveen posted a derogatory message on social media.

The mobs pelted stones, injured 60 policemen, and committed acts of vandalism and arson in DJ Halli, KG Halli, Pulikeshinagar and Kaval Byrasandra areas, leaving the affected places resembling a warzone.

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