: 'Nanhi Si Kali...Meri Laadli' is a story of a daughter, a very loving beti...Guddi.

After three decades Guddi, a girl child, takes birth in Khanna family after lots of worship.

Obviously Guddi is the laadli of each and everyone. She is lovely, adorable, expressive, naughty, emotional, popular and she is an asset.

Sukhdev, her father, is proud of her but at the same time very possessive about her. Guddi's likes and dislikes depend on her father Sukhdev. She won't go against her father.

She is not same at every age in her life. Guddi is no more a child now. She grows and starts thinking independently .She falls in love with Saurya once she meets him. Her father doesn't believe and accepts that his daughter has grown and she should lead her life on her own.

This is the conflict every parent goes through. Khanna family also faces this. For a father his child always remains a child. But that is a concern not a fact of life.

Starting on Doordarshan National from January 4, 2010 every Monday-Thursday at 9 pm.


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