New Delhi, Sep 25 : Several hosts of home rental company Airbnb have flooded social media, saying they are able to access private inboxes that do not belong to them, the media reported on Friday.

Airbnb was yet to comment but hosts flooded the discussion forum Reddit, detailing the sudden appearance of inboxes that do not belong to them when they signed into the service, reports ZDNet.

"Airbnb glitching -- is this happening for anyone else? When I click home on Airbnb on desktop I get different names," posted a user on a Reddit thread.

"If I see someone else's then they can probably see mine which means they have access to all our banking info right? This is major!" another commented.

While no guest account reported similar issues, hosts said they were able to see other people's addresses and other information -- such as codes required to access a property.

Another Airbnb host said: "I'm also looking at someone else's inbox. This is pretty unnerving wow. Glad it's not just me. My app seems to be working okay".

One Reddit user claimed an Airbnb representative simply recommended "clearing out their cookies" or trying a different browser.

"In some cases, logging out and logging in stopped the issue from occurring -- but not all in every case currently reported online," said the report.

In May last year, Airbnb users complained that their accounts were "hacked".

A spokesperson from Airbnb had said these were "isolated incidents and at no point was the Airbnb platform compromised".

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