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New Delhi, Oct 13 : Bollywood newbie Ananya Panday defines her style as "comfortable, easy and less is more".

In a round of rapid-fire, the "Student of the Year 2" star reveals more about her fashion choices and essentials.

Your style?
Ananya: Comfortable, easy, and less is more!

Your mantra to relatable fashion?
Ananya: Fashion that appeals to my varied personalities and moods.

Your fashion preferences?
Ananya: It depends on my mood. Lazy - comfy outfit, Mad weird - quirky outfit, Diva, glam - Elegant outfit.

Your go-to accessories?
Ananya: Accessories that lift your looks - a fun watch and a stylish bag are my go to accessories.

Who do you think is the most stylish actor/actress in Bollywood?
Ananya: I think everyone has their own unique style and sense of fashion but if I had to pick one it would probably be Deepika (Padukone). She's experimental, chic, and effortlessly cool.

Which fashion trend are you obsessed with?
Ananya: Folds and pleats.

Your three fashion essentials?
Ananya: A nice pair of fitted jeans, sneakers, and of course a super chic watch to add some glam.

Your go-to outfit?
Ananya: My go-to outfit is probably shorts, oversized hoodie, and sneakers.

Have you always want to do something like designing the Fastrack Ruffles Collection of watch and bags?

Ananya: Yes, it is something that I've always wanted to take a shot at. This is the second collection that has been launched under this collaboration. The first collection called 'Fit Outs', was meant for the fun and quirk-loving young girls while the Ruffles collection, will strike a chord with those unconventional divas who want to make a bold statement with a sophisticated and elegant flavour to it.

It's perfect for the girls who revel in the spotlight and don't care how many feathers they ruffle. The Ruffles collection of watches and bags from Fastrack is power-packed with elegance and glamour. It's inspired by pleats and folds in pastel shades, a popular choice for the chic young girls of today, and a rising fashion trend.

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