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Aries Horoscope: Eating right and remaining active are the only ways for you to keep good health. Someone in the family is likely to be on his or her own. You are likely to travel today and profit from it. You may need to keep in constant touch with someone to know the progress on the academic front. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

Taurus Horoscope: There is a likelihood of overstraining on the exercise front, so take some days off. Family may try to restrict your independence, but it is nothing to get alarmed about. A leisure trip with someone close will not be without its share of hassles, but will prove enjoyable on the whole. Lucky Number: 4 Lucky Colour: Light Blue

Gemini Horoscope: A lifestyle change is in the offing for some just to remain healthy and to avoid lifestyle diseases. You may give in to the demands of a family member. You will need to be especially careful while driving at night. Time management on the academic front assumes great importance for you now. Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Maroon

Cancer Horoscope: Some ups and downs on the health front are foreseen. You may not succeed in finding more ways to enhance your earning and feel disappointed. You can be at the helm of affairs in a family function. Those learning how to drive may need to spend more time on it. Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

Leo Horoscope: Efforts will be required to maintain good health. Parents or elders may nag you into doing something you don’t want to, but you will manage to wriggle out of it! If you are travelling, start early as some delays are foreseen. There may be some pressure to perform on the academic front. Lucky Number: 15 Lucky Colour: Chocolate

Virgo Horoscope: Wayside food is best avoided to retain health. Family life will cruise along and may need you to put some excitement into it. Choose your mode of conveyance carefully, if you don’t want to miss an important meeting or appointment. Someone will be concerned for your welfare. Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: Peach

Libra Horoscope: Some ups and downs on the health front cannot be ruled out. It may become difficult to find time for family today, but you will be able to make it up later. Your desire to visit someone may make you undertake a journey. Students will be able to concentrate better, if they improve the study environment. Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Scorpio Horoscope: Following a fitness programme may seem an uphill task, but you will take it up. Family responsibilities will give little time for enjoyment, so it is for you to find time. Accept delay rather than speeding up on the road. You will succeed in timely submission of an important assignment, but not without difficulties. Lucky Number: 4 Lucky Colour: Slate Grey

Sagittarius Horoscope: You may not feel as fit as you would like to, but you are certain to do something about it. Family may appear a bit demanding, but you may be reading too much into it. Delay is foreseen in a journey, so keep adequate buffer time before setting out. Lucky Number: 8 Lucky Colour: White

Capricorn Horoscope: Waiting for the weather to turn perfect to resume your daily exercises may make you miss the bus, so shed your lethargy and hit the track! Parents or a family elder may try to curb your liberty, so be at your tactful best! Don’t take anyone who is not keen on a trip. Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Violet

Aquarius Horoscope: Family may find it difficult to support your ideas, even though they seem realistic enough. Those using congested roads need to be vigilant at all times. Students appearing for competitive exams will need focus and determination. All the tasks that were stuck up for one reason or the other are likely to be completed. Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: Brown

Pisces Horoscope: Adequate rest will become essential for those wedded to workouts. Resolving a family dispute can take up much of your day. You may be compelled to travel against your wishes, but the trip will turn out to be enjoyable. Students may have to motivate themselves to find their old focus. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Saffron

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