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Aries Horoscope: A workplace rivalry may prove upsetting and may affect your performance at work. A trip with family is likely to prove most enjoyable. A journey may take more time than what you had anticipated. Help on the academic front is on the cards, so rest easy.

Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Maroon

Taurus Horoscope: Some recognition is in store for those pursuing academics. Those suffering from an old ailment may find improvement in their health. This is the time to strengthen the family bonds. A lot of places of tourist attraction may be visited by those out on a vacation.

Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Cream

Gemini Horoscope: An excellent day is foreseen for those pursuing academics. A piece of good news is likely to cheer the domestic front. Some of you are likely to get an opportunity to go on a long drive on the highway. Timely action is likely to make you the proud owner of a property you have invested your money in.

Lucky Number: 15 Lucky Colour: Grey

Cancer Horoscope: Your academic performance is likely to please you. The condition of those ailing for long may show a marked improvement. Planning something for the family will prove most exciting. You can be tasked to receive someone at the airport or railway station today.

Lucky Number: 20 Lucky Colour: Purple

Leo Horoscope: This is truly the day in which you accomplish much on the domestic front. You can accept someone’s invitation to spend a few days out of town. An exam or competition will need your full focus. Legal matters are likely to be decided in your favour.

Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Virgo Horoscope: A health advice from someone close will help you in coming back in shape. A family member is likely to do his or her bit to help you out. Keep your cool on the road as road rage cannot be ruled out. Good showing is maintained on the academic front.

Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise

Libra Horoscope: A property deal is in the offing. You are likely to fare well on the academic front. Health-wise, you will fare much better than before in keeping fit. Your popularity amongst family and friends is set to rise. Night driving appears risky today, so avoid it if you can.

Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: Light Green

Scorpio Horoscope: Spiritual thoughts and a desire for mental peace may motivate you to plan a pilgrimage. A mistake made on the professional front will be hard to cover up and may prove embarrassing. This is the time to strengthen the family bonds. A trip with family is likely to prove most enjoyable.

Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Violet

Sagittarius Horoscope: Your domestic boat sails smoothly. Your plan for undertaking a journey can be marked with uncertainty. Alertness on the academic front will help prevent mistakes. Keeping yourself aloof from things that are not your concern will help keep you focussed on more important things.

Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown

Capricorn Horoscope: You will need to review your performance on the academic front. A health problem will be effectively tackled by home remedy. Happiness at home is indicated with an arrival of a new member. Keep a check on speed while travelling. You may add to your assets.

Lucky Number: 3 Lucky Colour: Saffron

Aquarius Horoscope: Travelling with friends will be fun today. Someone you are constantly in touch with is likely to give you some good news. Those admitted to hospital or seeing a doctor for a medical problem may find tremendous improvement in health. A family issue shows all signs of spoiling the domestic harmony.

Lucky Number: 4 Lucky Colour: Dark Slate Grey

Pisces Horoscope: A trip will help you realize your dream. Plans on the academic front will progress as planned. You will succeed in overcoming an ailment that is presently troubling you. You will do much to bring peace and harmony at home.

Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Green

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