Can’t identify a song? Let your iPhone do it!. Image Source: IANS

November 21 : If you are an iPhone user, your phone can recognise any song playing around you with the help of an app. The multiple song identification tool is just built into your iPhone. The phone is now using the app called Shazam to identify any song with just a tap.

Some years back, Shazam app became a rage as back then it could recognise any song. iPhone maker Apple had acquired Shazam for $400 million in 2018 but only recently the app has become functional on iPhones.

If you ask your iPhone to identify a song, it uses its microphone to record the song being played around you. The audio data is then uploaded to a server and analysed, matching it to a known song in the phone’s database.

To take advantage of this functionality, you need an iPhone that is running iOS 14.2 or above. If your iPhone is a lower version, then you can do the following to upgrade it. Go to Settings and click on the General tab and update your iPhone to 14.2 or above. After it is updated, follow these steps to activate the app.

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Control Centre
  • Scroll down and go to More options
  • Under that go to Music Recognition
  • Tap the green icon next to Music Recognition to add it to the Control Centre

The Music Recognition feature works with headphones as well. Next time you cannot recognise a song, you can just rely on your phone to do so.

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