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Aries: The solar transit is moving through the fire sign of Sagittarius, and that will make your life very eventful and adventurous. This is also a big-time for your siblings and neighbours as well. See More

Taurus: The annual solar transit is triggering your partnerships and finances. You must take care of your finances and some settlements regarding old issues, and you will have to heal it. See More

Gemini: The annual solar transit is impacting your relationship sector, and that cannot be seen as a very positive event. The Sun loses its strength in the seventh house of relationship. See More

Cancer: The annual solar transit through the sixth house will trigger the work sector, and that also indicates some challenges from there. Be careful with your colleagues as the Sun is the planet for a realistic approach. See More

Leo: The annual solar transit is triggering the fifth house of creativity and children. This is the most important time in this year where you focus on your children and the youngsters around you. See More

Virgo: During this week, you will be much focused at work and home as the solar transit is triggering both by placement and aspect. This influence will be visible during this week as well, and you will have to keep a balance between your work and family life. See More

Libra: The annual solar transit will trigger short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing. For the next twenty-plus days, you will have to multitask, and that will make you busier. See More

Scorpio: The annual solar transit is asking you to focus on your financial matters and career. There will be a lot of expenses, and you have to be ready for that. You may try to join a new course or a new training program. Discussions for new business projects can come up. See More

Sagittarius: The annual solar transit through the sign of Sagittarius will be showing you where have you reached in your personal life. This is the time for retrospect, and you will find your faults. See More

Capricorn: The annual solar transit will impact your emotional needs as well as a workplace. This will be a testing time for your personal self, and you should not explore anything which hurt your mind. See More

Aquarius: The annual solar transit is triggering your hopes and wishes, and this is a very important time in your life. You will be focusing more on your long term goals. Challenges from team settings and friendships will be prominent. See More

Pisces: The annual solar transit will be triggering the tenth house of career, and this is the most important time for your career and social status. The solar influence will be showing you what you need to do at work. See More

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