Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. . Image Source: IANS News

Gandhinagar, Nov 26 : The Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Thursday ordered strict action against all those responsible for treating Corona victims bodies in an inhuman way in a van in Gandhinagar.

But the deputy CM kept mum on the alleged discrepancies in the Corona figures released by the state government.

Photographs depicting four bodies of Corona victims wrapped in body bags, stacked in a single van in Gandhinagar went viral on Thursday on social media. The hearse van was sent off to the Gandhinagar crematorium on Wednesday.

People expressed outrage on social media about how the hospital authorities could be so insensitive with the manner in which the bodies were stacked.

But it was not only the inhuman way in which the dead bodies were treated, but a bigger question was also raised. According to the figures released by the state government, there was not a single death occurring due to Corona in Gandhinagar on Wednesday. The pictures and a video of a victim's kin indicate that the figures released by the state government regarding Corona are dubious.

On learning about the incident Gujarat deputy CM Nitin Patel immediately ordered an enquiry and strict action against the misconduct.

Patel on Thursday asked principal secretary, Health and family welfare Department, Jayanti Ravi and the Gujarat health commissioner, Jaiprakash Shivhare to act against those responsible for the inhuman act and asked for an explanation about the incident from the concerned authorities.

But no explanation has been given regarding discrepancies in the state government provided figures of positive patients and deaths .

"We have been saying right since 8 months, that the government has been playing with people's lives, uncaring about the public health. During these times of Corona crisis, the Gujarat government has failed on all fronts, even regarding maintaining the sanctity of a Corona victim. And this is not only the situation of one place, but this depicts the situation in the entire state," Paresh Dhanani, the Leader of Opposition Party (LOP) in Gujarat state assembly told IANS.

"The government is hiding the figures, but in reality the positive patients are hundred times more, whereas the actual deaths are 10 times more than what the state government is disclosing," claimed Dhanani.

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