Delhi Teachers Association comes out in farmers' support. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Dec 2 : The Delhi Teachers ' Association (DTA), an organisation of Delhi University academics, has come out in support of the farmers' movement. The teachers and professors involved of DTA have justified the demands of the agitating farmers. The DTA believes the central government should talk unconditionally to solve their problems and address their concerns.

The DTA says it stands with them in support of the demands of the agitating farmers. The officials of the organisation convened an important meeting on the subject. A decision in this regard was taken in this meeting.

Professor Hansraj Suman, Dr. Narendra Kumar Pandey, Dr. Asha Rani, Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh and Dr. Rajesh Rao, of the DTA have sought all possible support from all sections of society while supporting the demands of farmers in the meeting.

"For the last six days the farmers' agitation has been completely peaceful, but the government is behaving harshly with them," said Professor Hansraj Suman. "The police are showering teargas shells and water cannon on them to suppress their demands," he added.

Prof. Suman has appealed to the central government to immediately interact with the farmers and find a solution to their problems at the earliest.

The DTA has appealed to the government to immediately interact with the farmers of the agrarian country and address their problems.

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