Prateek Kuhad: Being in one place has helped me become healthier.. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Dec 3 : For Prateek Kuhad, lockdown was a blessing in disguise. The singer-songwriter says the period gave him a chance to spend time with family and enjoy being in one place for an extended period.

"I always have worked remotely with my teams over the years so communication wasn't the biggest hurdle. The fact that we couldn't go out for a run or hang out with friends was something that was more frustrating," Kuhad told IANS, reflecting upon the lessons of the pandemic.

"However after the hectic 2019 touring year, being in one place has helped me to become healthier, spend time with family and just enjoy being in one place for an extended period of time," he added.

When the world was locked down due to the virus crisis, Kuhad realised the uniting attribute of music.

"I've had first-hand experience of how this happens. I released a song 'Kasoor' in June, at the peak of lockdown, and while the idea wasn't written for lockdown, fans took the video idea and song and made so many amazing versions of their own. It was quite a wholesome experience," said the singer, who has attained popularity in the indie music scene for his songs such as "cold/mess" and "Tum jab paas".

Asked how the pandemic has influenced him, he said: "These past few months have really driven one fact home -- be grateful for those who truly love you. Do your part in giving back and keeping those bonds strong." He will now be seen in conversation with Singapore's home-grown deejay and music producer Manfred Lim (Myrne) in the web series "My Singapore Connect".

"The idea of speaking with a musician who is from a city I don't know too much about was intriguing. Myrne has played in clubs and travelled across the globe like me so we had a lot of common ground to connect on," Kuhad said.

"I'd say that I'm still a bit unaware of the music scene in Singapore. Speaking with Myrne has been an interesting way to get to know a wee bit more about things there," he added.

"My Singapore Connect", conceptualised by Big Bad Wolf, released on the streaming platform BookMyShow Online. The four-part web series is a result of partnership between the Singapore Tourism Board and BookMyShow.

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