Over 920k US kids test Covid-19 positive. Image Source: IANS News

New York, Dec 6 : Schools are usually places where illnesses spread easily, but in the case of Covid-19, the safest place in the community is truly the school, and that's because they follow basic rules, said New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"The students and teachers wear masks. They practice social distancing. They frequently wash their hands. Many of the students are serious about doing their part to keep their friends and families safe," Xinhua news agency quoted Cuomo as saying in an article posted on the online portal Newsday He adding that the infection rate in schools in every part of the state is lower than the surrounding community.

Infection rates on average in schools are under 3 per cent.

Even in yellow zones, where community spread is more than 5.3 percent, school infection rates are lower, Cuomo wrote in the article tilted "Schools offer smart lessons about Covid-19 spread".

"They should be an example to us all. Too many adults have not heeded their education, ignoring the experts and acting without regard for the consequences of their actions by hosting large gatherings or failing to use the most effective tool at our disposal right now: a face covering," he said.

"All that is required to control its spread is for people to be smart and disciplined. COVID-19 is potent, but it has no power until it enters a person's body. Maintaining social distancing and wearing masks keeps that from happening." So far, the New York state has reported a total of 685,364 Covid-19 cases and 34,830 deaths, the worst in the country, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

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