Bigg Boss 14: Season of slut-shaming and body-shaming. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Dec 22 : Being the epitome of controversial reality television is one thing and being absolutely in the pits of decency is something else. The fourteenth season of Big Boss has hit a new low. Lacking in authentic drama and seriously running out of ideas over how to hold audience interest, foul language and slut-shaming seem to have become quickfix solutions for the show to stay afloat. In the process, it looks like sordid B-grade television more than ever before.

One housemate after another has engaged in reducing others to dust with insults and verbal attacks.

Lets begin with the controversy's favourite child Rakhi Sawant.

The day she made her entry into the 14th season, she was seen pouncing at fellow housemate Arshi Khan, whom she called a "sasti chudail (cheap witch)" and "bavasir (piles)". Rakhi was also seen making fun of Arshi's body type, saying the reason she wears nighties on the show is because she is carrying a "sofa set".

During the first day of her entry, Rakhi was also seen saying that "Arshi Khan ki ph*t gayi (Arshi Khan is scared)", when she was picking on her during Arshi's fight with former contestant Vikas Gupta.

Soon, television actress Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli joined the bandwagon in calling Arshi Khan names such as "gandagi (dirt)" and "gandi aurat (dirty woman)".

The men have been no less. Rahul Mahajan in a recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode called Arshi "badtameez aurat in the history of Bigg Boss (ill-mannered woman in the history of Bigg Boss)".

Rakhi too was slut-shamed in the house during her fight with Nikki Tamboli, who asked: "Kya kaand karke aaye ho (what scandals did you commit before coming in)?" Hurling abuses and venting anger was always part of a normal day at the Bigg Boss house, but it seems like body-shaming is the new gimmick this season.

Nikki Tamboli made some grotesque comments about Rakhi's face in the show. Nikki also claimed during the weekend episode that former contestant Kashmira Shah said to her: "Acche doctor ke paas jaati toh shakal thodi acchi ho jati (If you visited a good doctor, your would have had a likeable face)." Kashmira retorted: "Acche doctor ke paas jaati toh baatein thodi acchi ho jati (If you had consulted a good doctor, he'd have taken care of your language)." Apart from using terms like "sadeli (rotten)" and "khajuwi (scratcher)" for Nikki, Rakhi also slut-shamed her: "Mardon ko kone mein leke baithti hai (she leads men to the nooks)." An upset Nikki too did not desist from mud-slinging. She hit back saying that the audience knows the kind of work Rakhi has done in the last 15 years.

Aly Goni too slammed Nikki during the Sunday episode and called her a "fraud aurat (woman)".

Nikki had previously called contestant Rahul Vaidya "tharki (pervert)", for which she was heavily slammed on social media.

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