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Aries: The Moon and Venus are triggering the sector for career and social status. You may get new assignments and that may have a creative side. See More

Taurus: The Moon and Venus are impacting your desire for adventure and spirituality. There are plans for long travels and foreign collaborations. You will be busy with something related to media and mass communications. Holiday plans and long article writing are also seen. See More

Gemini: The Moon will impact the second house of finances and speech. Finances are an important matter of this week and the coming days as well. Venus is triggering and it indicates solutions. You need the money and there are chances for some financial aid. See More

Cancer: The Moon and Venus are triggering your personal and professional relations. This is an important time for existing relationships as well. You may try to improve them, but there will some concerns. See More

Leo: Venus is in a complex mode and triggering your work sector. This indicates a few creative projects in a short term mode. Your colleagues will be presenting their ideas. This is a crucial time to improve your equation with your colleagues as well. See More

Virgo: The Moon and Venus are triggering the creative sector. Team ventures and meetings can come up, so you will be very busy throughout the week. The arts and entertainment sectors are also strong. You will be busy finding like-minded people, to make your ventures strong and productive. See More

Libra: During this week the Moon and Venus will be impacting your home and family. Both the planets are natural benefics, so you will have a good time with your family members. The Moon will bring new events in the home and your family members will need more care and support from you. See More

Scorpio: During this week, the Moon and Venus will be impacting your communications and siblings. This is a week to communicate with your neighbors and siblings. You will be working round the clock and that can make you tired as well. See More

Sagittarius: Your money matters are going to be impacted by the Moon and Venus during this week. Both the planets indicate luxurious life and extravaganza, so, be careful with your money and savings. This is the time for losses or expenses than gains. See More

Capricorn: The Moon and Venus are triggering your personal life, so you will naturally be very much charming. This planetary influence will make you a crowd-puller, but there will be some physical issues as well. See More

Aquarius: You were going through some emotional issues during last week, but during this week also these emotional issues will follow you. See More

Pisces: The Moon and Venus will be impacting your team relationships and that will make you engaged in team activities. There will be some ups and downs in the team relationships, but you will be able to manage them. This is a very good time to gather appreciation and attention from team members. See More

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