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April 2021 Horoscope - Read what this month holds for you. »

Aries: The second month of this year will be very important for your hopes and wishes. According to western astrology, multiple planets will be impacting your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. Your friendships, collective projects, and international collaborations will be the highlight of this month. See More

Taurus: This is a very crucial month for your career as multiple planets will be impacting your career houses. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the New moon will be always having a say, so you will surely be multitasking. See More

Gemini: This is a very important month for higher studies and foreign travels, as your ninth house is heavily activated with multiple planets. Projects from foreign lands are another specialty of this month. You will be interacting with a foreign community. Traveling and studies will be a big part of this month. See More

Cancer: This is a very complex month for your financial matters as well as partnerships. Multiple planets are moving through the air sign of Aquarius and the Newmoon also will be coming up. This is a complex phase for relationships and doesn’t be in a haste to take up any decisions. See More

Leo: During this month, most of your life will be revolving around relationships. From the last week onwards, there will be a lot of focus on personal life and relationships. During this month, there will be a continuation in your relationships. See More

Virgo: This is a very complex month for your work as well as your health. Multiple planets will be moving through the sign of Aquarius and for you, it is the sixth house. At work, the situations will be very challenging, so you need to be very careful. See More

Libra: This is a very important month for your creative energies as multiple opportunities from this domain. As the month advances, you will get multiple opportunities to be creative and thus get noticed by others. This will surely boost your confidence and make you happier. See More

Scorpio: This is a very big month for your home and family during this month. Your family life will get much highlighted during this month as multiple planets are igniting the family matters. This month will be a very happening month for your personal life as well. See More

Sagittarius: This is a very big month for your ventures and siblings. During this month, you will have to focus on multiple things, especially from the second week. Too many projects from communication and media-related domain as well. There will be a lot to communicate with your siblings and relatives. See More

Capricorn: you will have concerns regarding your finances during this month. Unexpected expenses can come up during this phase. So, you need to be prepared. You will be busy adding value to yourself. As a part of this, you may get new certifications. See More

Aquarius: This is a very important month for your personal as well as professional life. Multiple planets will be triggering your ambitions and personality. There will be some changes in your health as well as perspective. Such changes were visible during the last month as well. So, majorly the changes will be connected with the events during the last month. See More

Pisces: Your emotional needs will be very high during this month and that can make your life a little complex. Multiple planets are activating the twelfth house of emotional needs and you should be very careful. So, there will be some hidden things coming up during this month. See More

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