Agra, Feb 7 : In order to make research in the field of homeopathy more potent, an international research centre in collaboration with six European countries was inaugurated here, with over 50 reputed homeopaths from France, Switzerland, Armenia, Nigeria and England converging for a conference which began Sunday.

Early results of clinical trials of various drugs used in treatment of diseases like cancer and AIDS have given hope of major breakthroughs in coming days, according to R.S. Pareek, a veteran homeopath.

Pareek, 80, who has written books on cancer and kidney diseases in German, was interacting with mediapersons while talking about the international homeopathy conference. Pareek is working on four more books currently.

The conference and workshops which will conclude Feb 10 was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the Agra University K.N. Tripathi.

Pareek told IANS: "Each year we have to stay away for months to train homeopaths in European countries. Travelling takes a heavy toll of time and resources. We have thus established the International Institute of Homeopathic Research."

"Through video conferencing under our distant learning programmes we would be able to reach out to many more aspiring homeopaths and promote research in crucial areas. This new centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and provides facilities for internship," he added.

Pareek said the research centre was in response to the need expressed last year at a conference in Agra attended by homeopaths from six European countries where senior homeopaths founded the Indo-European Institute of Homeopathy to promote higher learning and research.

"We will now have four month PG courses in three semesters. After completion, a German University will confer a diploma to the successful students. Agra has been made the headquarter of this body," Pareek said.

"It would be our effort with the help of our foreign collaborators to make this centre as unique and prestigious as Nalanda and Taxila in this field," he added.

Talking about the latest achievement in the field of homeopathy, Pareek said: "In the past several months we have distributed effective preventive dosages of medicines to counter swine flu. This apart, we now have proven treatment methods for containment and relief to counter after-effects of medication in cancer patients."

Talking about the popularity and importance of homeopathy in India, Pareek said: "Homeopathy is best suited to Indian conditions, being cheaper and more effective. Homeopathy is eco-friendly and in tune with the rhythms of nature. The perceptions are changing and more people today are by choice taking to homeopathy."

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