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Aries: The Sun and Venus are in the sector of emotional stress, so you may experience some difficulties with the complex situations around you. It is better to avoid arguments and conflicts with others, as it might leave you emotionally distressed. See More

Taurus: The Sun and Venus are jointly triggering the sector of friendships, fortunes, and gains. You may have to deal in team settings this week. There can be some changes in your team, and you might even work with a new team. See More

Gemini: With a powerful Sun and Venus moving to the sector of your career, you can expect good results this week. It is an important time for your career. You are likely to get many new opportunities, and some of them might also come from the government sector. See More

Cancer: The Sun and Venus are jointly impacting the sector for foreign relations, foreign travels and spirituality, and foreign education. You can expect many happenings in these areas of your life. You can make plans for a trip abroad, but there can be some obstacles as well. See More

Leo: The sector for finances, research, and mystics and occults is triggered by the Sun and Venus together. You will thus have very ups and downs in your finances. You need to plan carefully and think wisely before you make any new investment. See More

Virgo: The sector of your spouse and other long-term relationships is activated by the Sun and Venus together. Thus, there is a greater deal of uncertainty in this sphere. While Venus is the planet for love and romance, the presence of the Sun is not very pleasant for such relationships. The bond with your partner will strengthen, but there will also be several obstacles. See More

Libra: The sector of health, debt, work, and colleagues is triggered by the Sun and Venus together. You will have many new projects which might come from the creative sector especially. Try to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues as there are chances of a conflict. See More

Scorpio: This is a very good time for people in the creative domain as the Sun and Venus are triggering this sector. You will get many new opportunities during this week and there are chances of meeting like-minded people as well. You can also work in groups during this time. See More

Sagittarius: This will be an eventful week for your family life as the Sun and Venus trigger this sector. While Venus will give you the comforts of family and home, the Sun might create some problems in this area. There can be some family event at home where you are likely to meet many family members and relatives. See More

Capricorn: The Sun and Venus are jointly activating the sector of short trips and communication this week. You will have a lot of work in this sector. There can be many new projects coming and you have to deal with multiple short projects. See More

Aquarius: The Sun and Venus are together triggering the house of finances. Therefore, there will be many activities in this sector. You may plan to improve your financial standing, but you will be spending a lot due to the Venusian impact. See More

Pisces: The Sun and Venus are triggering your sector for personal life and health. You can expect many changes in this area. You will try to enhance your personality and make important changes to improve your health. You will focus a lot on yourself and will also get attention from the people around you. See More

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