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Aries: This month is a great time to start new things and embark on new learning. Mars moves to your 3rd house this month, and this will bring in many new opportunities for learning and communicating. Mars in the 3rd house promises a lot of activities, and you might keep busy during this month. See More

Taurus: Mars moving into the 2nd house will put your focus into finances this month. There will be a lot of transactions and you will be busy in financial activities like learning and borrowing as well. There are chances of growth in your finances, and you might earn something from a previous investment that you forgot and were not expecting at all. See More

Gemini: The month of March will prove to be a good one for you, as you will see growth in your career and your personality as well. Mars is in your 1st house, and this brings a lot of energy with itself. You will improve your physical self, and make good changes towards your lifestyle. See More

Cancer: You will have a slow start this month, as Mars moves in the 12th house and paves the way for retrospection. You are likely to feel emotionally stressed and may seek solace in meditation. This is a good time to step back from your busy schedule and focus your energy only on yourself. See More

Leo: Mars moves to the 11th house in March and triggers your social circle. You will find yourself making new friends and enlarging your social circle. You will give more time to group efforts, both personally and professionally. See More

Virgo: Mars moves to your 10th house and activates your career sector. This is a very good time for progress as you have a lot of energy now and you put that energy into your work and career. You have the will and determination to achieve great things. You are willing to work hard and prove to others that you are capable of big things. See More

Libra: Mars moves to the house of spirituality, learning, and international associations this month. This is your time to connect to the world and move beyond your comfort zone, out in the broad world. You can connect to people in faraway places and even from different countries. See More

Scorpio: Mars, the ruler of Scorpio moves to the 8th house this week, and this will propel research activities and financial gains. Those who are into research will find renewed energy in their task and move ahead with new vigor. They can make important discoveries this March, and this will be instrumental in their success. See More

Sagittarius: As Mars moves into the sector for relationships this month, you will put your energy and efforts into your relationships, whether at home or work. Mars is the planet for energy, and it helps you direct your focus and make things work, even at places where you have been struggling. See More

Capricorn: Mars moving into your health sector is good news for you. This month, you will put energy into your physical wellbeing and take many steps to improve your health. If you are perfectly healthy, or even if you are suffering from some minor health issues, you will see a health improvement. See More

Aquarius: Mars is in the 5th house, the house for creativity and children. You will have loads of energy that you will drive towards your creative side. You will want to enhance your creativity and even make some money out of it. See More

Pisces: Mars coming into the 4th house is likely to make you restless and you will find it difficult to be content in one place. You might find comfort in your home, but you will also want to go out and explore the world. There are high chances of rebuilding your space and redecorating it, and some may even work from home for a while. See More

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