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Vizianagaram : , March 4 (IANS) Close on the heels of Hyderabad police busting a sensational fake abduction and rape case of a B Pharmacy student, Andhra Pradesh police have also busted a similar fake abduction case recently.

A degree college student who secretly went out with her boyfriend, cooked up a story that she was abducted.

"She actually went out with her boyfriend but she concocted a story that she was kidnapped," a police official told IANS.

Three days ago, the girl was found unconscious, gagged and her legs and hands tied up lying by the roadside in Gurla mandal of Vizianagaram district.

When the police swooped in on her and started investigating the case thoroughly, the girl claimed that she did not know how she ended up unconscious and bonded.

However, she finally opened up that she went out with her boyfriend taking permission from her hostel but started panicking when her brother was enquiring about her whereabouts.

To escape from this situation, she took a bus and after crossing Gurla mandal, she alighted from the bus and enacted this drama.

Recently, a 19-year-old B Pharmacy faked abduction and rape on the outskirts of Hyderabad and even tried to push the blame on an innocent auto rickshaw driver but was exposed quickly by the police.

A few days after her exposure, the B Pharmacy student's story ended up very sadly with her suicide.

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