A Toast to the #WomenWhoMakeYou.(photo:IANSLIFE). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, March 8 : As International Women's Day is around the corner, Grant's Distinction recognises their efforts and toasts to them with an indulgent drink.

Enjoy the day with the whisky, whether as a cocktail or simply with soda! The blended Scotch whisky has been hand-picked for its smoothness to appeal to a new generation of Scotch whisky drinkers. The tipple has been designed for mixing and has a raisin cake richness that gives it a strong character to cut through any mixer.

G & G (Grant's & Ginger) Ingredients *50ml Grant's Distinction
*150ml Ginger Ale
*1/2 LimeMethod
*Add the whisky into an ice filled glass.

*Top with ginger ale and squeeze half a lime.

*Garnish with lime wedgeMint Julep Ingredients *50ml Grant's Distinction
*10ml Simple/Sugar Syrup
*8-10ml Lime Juice
*10 Mint LeavesMethod
*Lightly muddle mint leaves, lime Juice and sugar syrup in a glass.

Image Source: IANS News

*Add Grant's Distinction, pack it with crushed ice and stir.

*Garnish with Mint LeafIt is exclusively available in India and is priced at Rs 2,500 in Mumbai for 750 ml.

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