Delhi may face water shortage due to high ammonia levels in Yamuna: Chadha. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, April 13 : Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Vice Chairman Raghav Chadha on Tuesday accused the Haryana government of releasing "highly contaminated water" to Delhi through the Yamuna river.

Addressing a press conference, Chadha said: "Delhi is facing a double whammy from Haryana, because on one side, it has reduced adequate water supply to Delhi and on the other, it has released highly contaminated water which is untreatable." He also warned that Delhi may face water shortage due to high ammonia levels in Yamuna river due to contaminated water released by Haryana.

"Today, the level of ammonia in Yamuna has reached 7.6 ppm which cannot be treated at DJB's water treatment plants. We can treat contaminated water having levels of ammonia up to 3 to 4 ppm but our WTPs can not treat contaminated water having such levels of ammonia. Delhi may face water shortage in some areas," Chadha said.

The Yamuna provides around 40 per cent of total use of water per day in Delhi.

"If the situation remains so, several areas of Delhi will be affected as Haryana is not honouring even its legal commitment as directed by the Supreme Court with regards to the clean water that it has to supply to Delhi," he added.

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