Bengaluru, April 16 : Two tiger cubs and two lion cubs were born recently in the city's Bannerghatta zoo, an official said on Friday.

"Tigress Anushka and lioness Sana gave birth to two female cubs each. All the four cubs are healthy and doing well," Bannerghatta Biological Park Executive Director Vanashri Vipin Singh said in a statement.

The tiger cubs were born on February 12 and the lion cubs on January 12.

"A female calf was also born to elephant Veda on January 13," said Singh.

"Citizens can adopt them by contributing towards their feed and veterinary care. Citizens can name their adopted animals by paying an additional 25 per cent of the adoption fee," he said.

"In just-concluded fiscal 2020-21, 230 adopters contributed Rs 56,82,000 towards the animal adoption programme by adopting 299 animals of the sprawling zoo," he added.

A pharma company recently adopted 7 Asian elephants in the zoo and donated a jeep for the Safari trip under its CSR programme.

Besides the new tiger cubs and lion cubs, other animals available for adoption are a zebra foal, a hippopotamus and her male calf, a lioness and her 2 female cubs born in July 2020, a langur and her female infant, a 5-year-old giraffe, a 5-year-old male leopard and a 4-year-old female leopard.

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