Queen Elizabeth II sits on her own at Prince Philip's funeral (Credit : DPA) (Not for sale). Image Source: IANS News

London, April 17 : Coronavirus social distancing measures forced Queen Elizabeth II to sit alone during the funeral for her husband, Prince Philip, at the St George's chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Her expression was not captured by cameras during the service, however, other members of the Royal family appeared sombre, the dpa news agency reported.

Prince Edward, the queen and Prince Philip's youngest child, was seen touching his forehead with his hand during a performance by the choir. He was later seen gazing at the coffin of his father.

Several of the Royals read the order of service throughout the funeral, while others were seen staring into the distance.

Each member of the Royal family - and their specially chosen guests - were all seen wearing formal black clothes and black face masks.

They were all spread around the chapel in their seats to comply with the current Coronavirus restrictions in place in England.

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