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April 19 : Kangana Ranaut makes it a point to post every morning on social media. Today, she shared her thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic on her tweet account. But her fans didn’t like her comments. Calling it a “self-made virus”, Kangana sees the positive side to the pandemic.

The Panga actress tweeted that though humans are traumatised by coronavirus, but there is a silver lining to it—while humans are inside their homes, the Earth is healing. “Today humans are traumatised by self made virus which they used to bring each other’s economies down. Some may agree with what I say some may not but one thing no one can deny is that the Earth is healing, virus may be killing humans but healing everything else,” the actress wrote. 

In a separate tweet, the actress shared some tips to heal the earth. However, in the last point, Kangana shared a little bitterness as it does not seem to be a tip to heal the earth. “Let’s be gentle to her 1) each one of us must plant 8 trees a year 2) stop breeding like rabbits 3) avoid single used plastic 4)Don’t waste food 5) be aware of idiots around you take responsibility cause you could be living wisely but if not handled they will destroy you,” she tweeted.

Kangana’s tweets have not been taken lightly. Many, despite being her fans, criticised her for the untimely tweet. “Please don’t casually say that the virus might be killing humans like it's nothing to people who lost their family members due to it. It's easy to preach about healing when you are not losing your livelihood due to it,” wrote a Twitter user. Another fan wrote, “Not the right time, nor the right words. People are in pain and have lost cherished ones. Unnecessary sermons aren't what they want to hear.” Another fan wrote, “Ma'am, please have some sense. I've been a staunch supporter of yours for a long time, but it is not the virus which is doing it, it is the humans who have imposed lockdowns and hence have reduced greenhouse emissions.”

Yet another fan wrote, “Romanticising the pandemic which has destroyed thousands of families in the country Where does Kangana draw the line?” “Dear Kangana. Please wake up from slumber. It's April 2021 not 2020 where 'earth is healing' sounds good when people are struggling to live,” tweeted another fan.

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