Hindu Rao Hospital. (Photo: facebook@North Delhi Municipal Corporation Medical College &Hindu Rao Hospital). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, April 19 : Amid the shortage of beds for Covid patients, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation on Monday offered its schools and community centres to create an infrastructure for 8,000 beds.

Addressing a press conference, North Delhi Mayor, Jai Prakash, said that Corona cases are continuously increasing in the city, which is very worrying and the North Delhi Municipal Corporation is ready to provide about 8000 beds in its various institutions to the Delhi government.

"But for that the Delhi government will also have to cooperate fully, then we can all work together," he said.

Prakash pointed out that the Delhi government had asked the municipal corporations to provide beds for Corona patients.

"We have made arrangements for the Delhi government to make beds available for Corona patients in various institutes of the corporation and if the Delhi government provides bed and oxygen facilities, then the polyclinics of North Corporation can be developed into mini-hospitals.

"In the 71 schools under our jurisdiction, which have 1700 rooms, 6800 beds can be arranged if four beds are put in one room," he said.

Prakash further stated that there are 12 big community centres of the corporation, in which 700 beds can be arranged.

Prakash mentioned that the civic body has requested the Delhi government and the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to give permission to start a Covid Care Centre at the Balak Ram Hospital.

"100-bed COVID Care Centre is ready at the Balak Ram Hospital. We have requested the Delhi governmen to fulfil all the necessary arrangements for the Hindu Rao Hospital. The Delhi government and the corporation must work together, only then we can win this battle," he said.

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