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Prayagraj : , April 20 (IANS) The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) 'shakhas' have finally gone hi-tech.

With the second Covid wave surging ahead in full force, the RSS 'shakhas' are now being held in online mode.

Under the 'e-shakhas' or 'Kutumb shakhas', members and volunteers along with their family members, are participating in 'shakhas' from the terraces and gardens of their homes, while following social distancing norms.

The 'shakhas', till now were being held in open areas and parks.

According to a Sangh functionary, the concept was formed last year when the pandemic began and volunteers were unable to come to parks during the lockdown.

"The concept is now being implemented and from Tuesday, we are starting online shakhas. At a time when cases are rising and are being reported from urban, semi-urban and rural parts of the district, e-shakhas and kutumb shakhas are the only option to protect the volunteers," said RSS functionary Murarji Tripathi.

Members would be connecting through online video calling platforms while holding e-shakhas. The use of a mask and sanitizer will be mandatory for every volunteer attending the daily event.

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