New Delhi, April 22 : Biodiversity by the Bay launched a series of artworks by six leading artists for #MakeArtforMumbaisMangroves on World Earth Day today (April 22). The artists include Nayan Shrimali & Vaishali Chudasama, Svabhu Kohli, Anjali Mehta, Mira Malhotra, Afrah Shafiq and Michelle Poonawalla. This artistic intervention aims to raise awareness of Mumbai's unique ecosystems especially its wetlands and mangroves.

Participating artists have encouraged everyone to take part in producing artworks under the campaign. Fifty selected artworks from the campaign will be presented as a Zine to the Environment Ministry in June 2021.

The six artists that launched on World Earth Day include Nayan Shrimali & Vaishal Chudasama, mixed media artist Afrah Shafiq, Mumbai-based illustrator and visual artist Mira Malhotra, Michelle Poonawalla and Svabhu Kohli.

"Our ambition is to invigorate a sense of collective ownership among citizens at large to unite to protect these biodiversity hotspots. Through the Make Art for Mumbai's Mangroves initiative, our aim is to create an opportunity for citizens to present their vision for mangroves and wetlands to decision makers as evidence of their commitment to protect the city's biodiversity," said Arpita Bhagat, Ministry of Mumbai's Magic, a platform to unite citizens and showcase their collective action, mobilizing them to draw the attention of the local government to prioritise protection of Mumbai's biodiversity hotspots, green spaces and its inhabitants.

The initiative is open for the public and alongside the the six highlighted artworks, the initiative is supported by artists including Sid G, Yash Pradhan, Tara Anand, Poonam Bisht, Vishnu,Deepti, Sachin Bhatt and Vibhav Singh who will also be showcasing their works on their social media platforms.

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