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April 23 : Kangana Ranaut reacted sharply to a ‘fake tweet’ attributed to her, which is doing rounds on the internet. A screenshot of a tweet that showed it came from Kangana’s Twitter account was also claimed to be circulating on Whatsapp. 

The tweet that was claimed to be attributed to the Panga actress claimed that the actress offered a bizarre solution to those COVID-19 patients who need oxygen for treatment. A Twitter user shared the screenshot of the “fake” Kangana Ranaut tweet that she received on WhatsApp and wrote: “Got this Pic as a Whatsapp forward Showing this FAKE TWEET by @KanganaTeam It has by now been Forwarded Many times. People resort to any lengths to not only show Kangana in bad light but also denigrate Нindu Religion.”

The picture circulating on Twitter showed a man kissing a cow and the tweet read as, “Anybody who is feeling low levels of oxygen, do try this please. Since cow exhale oxygen this is the easiest way to get plenty of oxygen in no time. Jai Shri Ram.”

Responding to the post strongly, Kangana immediately tweeted a series of replies, and wrote, “Reminds me of one of Modi ji’s campaigns ‘They aren’t after me they are after you but I am in the way’ if you choose to believe such lies because you are too lazy to confirm, you give them the power to destroy you, whatever you do choose wisely, I have nothing to loose or gain.”

In another tweet, Kangana wrote, “Today effect of Rajput Babbar Sherni is such that huge campaigns unbelievable amount of money, strategies and time being invested to break one single woman yet all Pappu party from political to movie mafia failing miserably at it, ek ladki ne sab Pappu ki watt laga ke rakhi hai.”

Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli Chandel also reacted to the “fake tweet” and wrote, “Sab filmy aur political Pappu ek akeli ladki ke peeche pad gaye hai, lekin dekhne wali baat yeh hai yeh ladki sab Pappu pe bhari hai (all filmy and political pappus are targeting one single girl but she alone is more than enough for them),” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Earlier in the week, Kangana had shared a post offering a solution for those with low blood oxygen levels. She shared a video of a woman demonstrating a breathing exercise, and wrote, “Anybody who is feeling low levels of oxygen do try this please. Planting trees is the permanent solution, if you can’t then don’t cut them either, recycle your clothes, eat Vedic diet, live organic life, this is a temporary solution, for now this should help, Jai Shri Ram.”

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