SCBA challenge to hybrid hearing SoP: SC seeks details. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, April 23 : Senior advocate and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Vikas Singh on Friday said the outgoing Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde asked him to ask Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, if he would be interested to participate in mediation in the Ayodhya title dispute.

In his remarks at the farewell of the Chief Justice, organised by SCBA, Singh said during the initial stages of the Ayodhya title dispute, then Justice Bobde was of the firm view that this dispute should be settled through mediation.

He added that it was Justice Bobde's suggestion in open court that a committee should explore possible mediation in the dispute. "While that mediation process was on, and just see the commitment of Justice Bobde for mediation that he asked me because he knew that I knew the family of Shahrukh Khan very well that whether Shahrukh Khan would be interested to participate in mediation, if mediation were to go forward," said Singh.

Singh added: "I discussed this matter with Shahrukh Khan, and he was more than willing to be part of this mediation. Because he felt it was the best way in this country that Hindus-Muslims can live peacefully with religious harmony, and he suggested that the foundation stone of temple should be laid by some prominent Muslims, vice versa the foundation stone of the mosque be laid by some prominent Hindus. Unfortunately, mediation did not move ahead." He said that thought of Justice Bobde of trying to get this mediated is definitely salutary because this is something which would have shown how we can peacefully live together. The Supreme Court had, in November 2019, decided the Ayodhya title dispute in favour of the Hindu side. Justice Bobde was part of the five-judge bench which decided the matter.

The three members on the Supreme Court-appointed mediation panel were former top court judge F.M.I. Kalifulla, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and senior lawyer Sriram Panchu.

Singh also said that Justice Bobde is a motorcycle enthusiast and he is equally good at playing tennis.

He also disclosed that Justice Bobde fell of his Harley Davidson motorcycle and injured himself. "It was heavy, but CJI said he is used to such bikes. That led to his injury," added Singh.

He also added that Chief Justice is affable towards young members of the Bar. He always felt Bar is the mother of the bench.

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