Does Kangana Ranaut still have a grudge against Sonu Sood? . Image Source: Instagram/@kanganaranaut,@sonu_sood

May 04 : Kangana Ranaut and Sonu Sood have not been on good terms ever since the latter walked out of the actress’ film Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi. On Monday, the Panga actress liked a tweet that accused Sonu Sood of being a “fraud.” A Twitter user on Monday shared an image of an advertisement, in which Sonu was seen promoting oxygen concentrating machines. Criticising the actor, the Twitter user called him a “fraud.” 

In the advertisement, Sonu was seen promoting an oxygen concentrator worth Rs. 2 lakh. Sharing the poster, the Twitter user wrote, “Such a fraud using a crisis to make money....oxygen concentrator Rs. 2 lakh.” Kangana and 2,700 others liked the tweet, which was retweeted by almost 800 people.

Sonu Sood has been endorsing the brand since 2020. According to the website of the brand, Sonu joined hands with the brand in 2020 and has been the “face of the company’s new range of Oximeters and Infrared Thermometers.” 

Sonu was supposed to play a prominent role in Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi. While Kangana claimed that Sonu left the film because he didn’t want to work under a female director (Kangana), Sonu clarified in an interview that he left the film because 80 per cent of his scenes were chopped off.” 

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown started last year, Sonu Sood has been working for the people in need. Even when the actor was tested positive, Sonu said that during his quarantined days he will get “ample time to solve people’s problems.” “Remember I’m always there for you all,” he wrote on social media. Ever since India started battling the second coronavirus pandemic, Sonu has been instrumental in arranging hospital beds, medical supplies, and vaccines for people in need.

Earlier, after Sonu revealed that he tested negative, Kangana responded to his “recovering fast” news. The Panga actress believes that Sonu recovered so fast because he took the first dose of the India-made vaccine. The actress took to her Twitter account and shared a post, insisting Sonu, who recovered within a week, to appreciate the “India-made vaccine and its effects”. The actress also urged Sonu to encourage people to take India-made vaccine “so that tons of it doesn’t get expired post 1st May.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra recently applauded Sonu as a “visionary philanthropist” when the actor recently urged the government to provide free education to children who lost their parents to COVID-19. 

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